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Pigment, Auxiliaries
and Chemical Department

We support high quality products
to Japanese Textile Industries.

Hosoda SHC was established in 1952, and after since, the company has been developing together with Fukui Prefecture`s local textile industries.

The Japanese textile industries had ever suffered many severe conditions, such as oil crisis and price competition with China products, but they can survive because of their high quality products and special color matching techniques.

The delicate change of color in color matching process involves human sensibility. The fabric texture and the various features which added to the fabric also give extra comfort to the consumer. Hosoda SHC offers excellent products such delicate dye stuff and many type of fabric material.

Most textile industries involve special technique, auxiliaries and materials in their production. Hosoda SHC offers those various industrial chemicals for textile industries such as pigment (dyeing stuff), wastewater treatment agent, antistatic agent, dispersant, foaming agent, cleaners, coating additive and others basic chemicals. Moreover, Hosoda SHC can support its client`s research and development by using its original materials.

  • Pigment, Auxiliaries and Chemical Department01
  • Pigment, Auxiliaries and Chemical Department0102
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