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Department of Seasonings
and Food Materials

We support insatiable challenge
in Japanese food industries.
We contribute in making a secret seasoning you need.

There are so many raw materials for food, such as natural extract, natural color, starch, organic acid, amino acid etc. These materials are simultaneously used for textiles industries, and therefore we advanced to the field of food by developing the amino acid analysis, antibacterial analysis and antioxidant analysis. By this unique technology, Hosoda SHC delivers safe food development to its clients.
Japanese people love to `taste`, to `feel` the food they eat, and they like to find the distinguished flavor of the food. Hosoda SHC uses special food ingredient and develop a variety food process together with its client to invent a new food product.

  • Department of Seasonings and Food Materials
Seasoning,Starches&grains,Sugar,Fat and oils, etc
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  • Department of Seasonings
and Food Materials
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