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Natural Functional

Focus on natural food materials and ingredients
Open possibilities to high quality, high functional natural extract (plant)

Hosoda SHC is focusing on excellent functional ingredients from natural material sources and developing a project for Natural Functional Extract.
Our research and development have managed to obtain materials (mainly from South East Asia), to produce and establish a superior quality control system to manufacture a high quality natural products.
Moreover, joint research with our client and raw material procurement coordination support vastly support us to develop new products

Production, Quality Control

Production, Quality Control

・Raw materials procurement
 and supply stability
・Raw materials traceability system
・Extraction, Purification and
 Powdering process Control System

Project Development / Consulting

Project Development / Consulting

・Procurement of new ingredients /
・Basic Joint Research
・Material Procurement Coordination
・Product Development Guide
・Analysis Support

Functional Ingredients

Melinjo / Melinjo Extract PCT PATENT

Melinjo, originated from Indonesia, it`s seed, flower and leaf have beenvastly used since a long time ago. Melinjo`s seed is known to contains plenty of polyphenols (Melinjo resveratrol) such as resveratrol dimer, major constituent, having high antioxidative and antibacterial effects.

melinjo Patented Certificate

Regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia

Mangosteen / Mangosteen Extract
特許取得の証明書(日本国) 特許取得の証明書(米国) 特許取得の証明書(中国) 特許取得の証明書(ヨーロッパ)

◆Prevention of aging of the blood vessel

Prevention of aging of the blood vessel
JAVA Ginger PCT PATENT Application

Hosoda SHC Co. Ltd, with join research with Pharmaceutical Science of Tokushima Bunri University, has discovered the functional effect from Java Ginger. Java Ginger belongs to ginger species, looks similar to ginger and turmeric, has a golden color, and especially grows in Java Island of Indonesia. It is mainly used as traditional medicine by local people, and also as cooking ingredients to add spiciness in food. Component of Java ginger can expect the activates a cranial nerve cell,and ingredient accelerates rate of hippocampal neurogenesis.

◆The Java Ginger activates a cranial nerve cell

The Java Ginger activates a cranial nerve cell

◆The Java Ginger ingredient accelerates rate of hippocampal neurogenesis

The Java Ginger ingredient accelerates rate of hippocampal neurogenesis
Mangosteen / Mangosteen Extract
Mangosteen / Mangosteen Extract

Mangosteen / Mangosteen ExtractMangosteen is widely grown across the Malay Peninsula, it has a characteristically tall trunk and evergreen the whole year.
Nicknamed “Queen of Fruit”, it`s been commonly used as diarrhea remedies especially in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Beauty Aroma Materials

JAVA Jasmine

マンゴスチン/マンゴスチン抽出物Java Jasmine is one of the most fragrant jasmine from its varieties. It is cultivated in chemical - pesticide free area in Java, Indonesia, harvested early in the morning, The Jasmine Oil is produced by high tech water distillation.

ジャワジャスミン/Java Jasmine

Regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia


Mon peachMon peach
Java RoseJava Rose
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